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The problem to the farmer:

MASTITIS, Increasing costs, N7 emissions, and Less profit

Dairy farmers are more challenged today than ever. Government intervention and green earth agendas put pressure on keeping livestock, increasing the total cost of ownership.

Furthermore, MASTITIS is a $2 billion annual problem and the total number of cases is increasing.

At the same time, artificial vegan products take a steadily growing SKU retail position, impacting the demand for real organic natural products. Thus, higher costs while less profit.

The solution to the farmer:

MASTITIS and N7 Reduction by ZERO-TOUCH DAIRY JET & TCO improvement

DAIRYKING researched and developed the Dairy Jet; a zero-touch udder cleaning tool that successfully removes dirt, feces and other excrements.

  • On average >75% reduction of mastitis

  • Significantly cutting the cost of treatment

  • Less paper waste (using the Dairy Jet)

  • Less phosphate and nitrogen exhaust

  • Better yield

Happy Cows Happy Farmers

DAIRYKING contributes to the SDG and the sustainable future of dairyfarming. Offering low cost, low-tech, and easy to use dairy farming solutions, that help to reduce the TCO while improving net results of the farm. DairyKing products are attainable by any farmer regardless of the size of the farm.